• State Flag of South Carolina
    State Flag of South Carolina
  • Site of Ellenton, SC
    Site of Ellenton, SC

    Located on SC 125 Atomic Road near Aiken/Barnwell County line.

  • Yellow Jessamine
    Yellow Jessamine

    South Carolina State Flower

  • Carolina Wren
    Carolina Wren

    South Carolina State Bird


  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
    Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

    South Carolina State Butterfly

  • Peach

    South Carolina State Fruit

  • White Tailed Deer
    White Tailed Deer

    South Carolina State Animal

  • Palmetto Tree
    Palmetto Tree

    South Carolina State Tree


New Ellenton has a unique and sentimental history. The people of Ellenton learned in the early 1950's that their town would be displaced by a massive nuclear weapons complex. The United States Government bought 200,000 acres of land in Aiken and Barnwell Counties for $19 million and built facilities to generate nuclear components for the hydrogen bomb. It was common to see homes, churches or stores traveling down the road on the back of a truck. The Atomic City Festival began in 1972 in remembrance of the 6,000 people whose town was displaced in order to provide national security.



For more information on New Ellenton's unique history, check out the Books page to download complete historical accounts of Ellenton and Dunbarton.




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